A look behind the hidden hunger crisis, and the community that is helping #wegotoyoubali

One bite at a time

I have felt overwhelmed and powerless at times around the issues of hunger. Specially living in Asia, where all these issues are even more visible. At one of my low moments, I have asked myself what is the point. It feels like a drop in an ocean of needs. The answer was clear today – it matters to that person, that baby, that mother, that family, that dog. I no longer ask that question.

Giving back dignity

The stories that touched me the most were the stories of mothers and newborns. Two breast-feeding mothers had no food for three days, nothing to feed themselves to nourish their babies. The Crisis Kitchen team went to their villages with food. You should have seen their faces, it was impossible to hide their feelings of gratitude and relief and obviously it was the same for us. Tears falling down our faces, sad and happy at the very same time. Another story was about a new mother who recently gave birth to her baby boy, all alone, with no one and no food. A package was sent to her and her birthing bill was paid by the team. I could go on and on about the stories, there are too many Kylie and the team shared with me. Crisis Kitchen team has employed few struggling go jek drivers who can now feed their families. All about giving back.

I’m equally moved by all the volunteers who are showing up. We saw young kids helping out, all races and from all types of different countries – expats dropping off food and spreading the word through social media. Brad Downes offered his business and location for Crisis Kitchen to operate from. Stories that can break the volunteers hearts daily also inspire them to keep going. Until I witnessed it myself, I had no idea so many people were in such dire straits since the Covid crisis arrived. If you have a pulse, and you want to help in anyway possible, please do. We do believe that the more you give, the more you get back. All about Karma, specially on our home, Island of the Gods.


Covid 19 deaths are not only caused by the virus

Hunger and poverty are having an effect. Some of the people already having the hardest time are the ones most affected. The work that Crisis kitchen and similar charities are doing is giving people dignity, hope and love. It gives them an ability to live. We are a little island in the world banding together to support one another. Sometimes a little kindness given to get you through a day is all you need to keep going one more, one bite at a time. I’m so very proud of the community here in Bali – let’s keep up the good work. You are not alone! We are all connected, all one and in this together, stronger together!

Ways to Donate


Online Fundraiser

You can donate at to Crisis Kitchen directly online. Every penny goes to the food and supplies for those in need.



Amet Sit Consectetur

1) Project Nasi
2) The Orchard
3) Sea Circus
4) Food Collection & Delivery:

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