Happ Now is your app for experience’s and connection.

Your one stop guide to What’s Happening Now in and around the island of Bali. We give you a insiders view of all the events around Bali. We aim to offer people a  convenient , quick, and accurate information about What’s Happening Now !

While traveling around the globe weather I was on a holiday or in travel mode. I found it very frustrating trying to figure out whats Happening  Now from one easy source. I had to go two four or five sources to get the information I needed . By the time I ended my trip I usually had it all figured out  just as I was about to board the plane.

Happening Now solves that problem for you, we are your one stop insiders guide to events, parties, food and happenings.  We have you covered form the moment you land , so you can  get on with holiday and  enjoy your trip hassle free.

We want to make sure every interaction with us is a genuine connection between people and a experiences. We have a finely curated list making sure we bring you the best Bali has to offer. We invite everyone to submit a unique find, thus making you contributors to the Happening Now list. We aim to bring a  organic approach to sharing your message.

We are so excited to launch HappNow Beta-test!

Join our waiting list and you will be the first to get your hands on the HappNow App for free. All you have to do is provide some feedback so we can make the HappNow App better!

Great! We will let you know if you make it for the beta testing round.

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