Campuhan Ridge Walk
Hidden behind the hotels of Ubud’s main steet you will find the beautiful Campuhan Ridge Walk, an absolute must see when visiting Ubud. For us Ubud is all about walking around and our only way getting to places. No cars, no bikes. Walkway will take you up and down a ridge along rice fields and palm trees, a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle from Ubud. This walk has quickly become one of Ubud’s most popular things to do. Campuhan ridge walk is only a short walk from Ubud’s  main centre and catching the sunrise here will be the perfect start of your day of exploring Ubud. Many amazing places for breakfast and lunch find up there when you carry on. We’ve found few and to find out, check out our other posts 🤗

Location: Campuhan Ridge Walk


Laura Abeyta
Laura Abeyta

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