Da Romeo. A Pandora’s Box of Drinking Delights

A Pandora’s Box of Drinking Delights

Need a bit of sparkle in your life, do yourself a favour and head down to Da Romeo Bali and get yourself the Pandora’s Box and sit back and watch the magic happen. Their signature cocktails including the Acquario and the Golden Passion are all impressive and very theatrical – I mean who doesn’t want the marshmallow in their cocktail set on fire! One of their sayings is  “alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy”. I love their home-brewed Vodka tea infusion, because it is good for me. 😝

You will find this little gem located in the backyard of Canggu. An Italian restaurant at heart, Da Romeo has an excellent selection of pasta, pizza and Italian heartily classics such eggplant parmigiana. Recently, they have incorporated a keto menu to their repertoire, including a wide selection of keto friendly desserts! Hell yes, a little sweet with my “tea” thank you!

With vintage Charlie Chaplin films playing behind the bar, Da Romeo has nailed the effortless atmosphere of an underground speakeasy, reminding me of those nights in New York City. 

Da Romeos’s is about feeling transported to a time honoured location, a space between fantasy and reality. All a clear reflection of the owner, Mario, who although laid back, warm and friendly, takes pride and is meticulous in creating magic with every meal and every cocktail. His infectious hospitality is transferred to all his staff, who not only welcome everyone, but ensure you get treated like just like a regular.

The swagger of Little Italy is breezing through the atmosphere, the energy in the room is electric. Groom yourself, ladies put on those Jimmy Choos and transport yourself to an electric and unsurpassable evening in Bali. There is plenty of room for parties or for an intimate family affair, and there are also plenty of bar seats so you will never feel alone if you are dining for one. Who knows, you may even find your Romeo or Juliet right there while you are sipping your way through their inspiring cocktail menu.

So get your mix on, and tell us what’s your favourite Da Romeo cocktail is.

Open Hours: 4pm – 9pm, 7 days per week

WA: 0821-4687-8535
Instagram: @daromeo

Laura Abeyta
Laura Abeyta

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