Dreamwave Donuts – everything you imagined, nothing you expected

Dreamwave Donuts – everything you imagined, nothing you expected

Imagine my surprise when I came upon what seemed to me like an Art Gallery in Soho – but no – I’ve walked into a sweet n heaven. It’s a donut shop, vegan doughnut shop. The wide framed windows makes you feel like you just stepped into an art shop instead. The entire experience is set up to help you disconnect – to reconnect. The walls are bare so you can sip on one of their many indulgent and unique beverages, have the olas Rojas, we won’t tell you what it is. Come try yourself, you’ll be back tomorrow for another one. Take a moment to unplug and enter a dream-wave state. They have crafted the experience to encourage you to put down your phone and chat with another human. Disconnect to reconnect, face to face.

Experience conscious indulgence

I shudder to call the donuts vegan. They are just damn good donuts. Some of the best I have ever tasted. To top it all off, no artificial anything. Pure ingredients, made with love, enter my body. Just natural, tasty food. No harm to the animals. I challenge anyone to do a blind taste test between “other donuts” and Dreamwave’s vegan donuts. You won’t take the difference, so choose what’s best for your body, your body will thank you later. From peanut butter and jelly to tiramisu and chai. They do monthly special flavours. We’ve tried them all and we still haven’t had enough. Satu lagi (one more in Indonesian)! 

Ethics Exist

They embrace Fourth Wave coffee culture, with benefits from every coffee sale going directly back to the communities and farmers that produce the beans. Their kitchens are geared towards zero-waste food production, and they support an ever-changing list of charities. We have another round just become of that. 

It starts at the top

The passion, love, and 14 months of dreaming made this dream come to life for it’s ever charming founder Jonathan Jack. Incredible attention to detail, there’s love in every bite you take. All the recipes were created by him, including the extensive drink list. I thank him for providing this perfectly conceived and delivered venue for us all to enjoy. A path to instantaneous lucidity.

Dreamwave guilt-free cheat day

If you are looking for a unique unexpected experience, look no further. Just jump on your bike and head to Dreamwave. But don’t be on the lookout for you mom and pop’s donut shop. You won’t find it. You’ll be back for the six pack tomorrow. Noup, not for that six pack, those you’ll get by surfing the other waves. Drop us a line and report back. Let’s make some waves now.

Instagram: @Dreamwave

Laura Abeyta
Laura Abeyta

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