Got questions about HappNow?

Tell me about my Happ Pass
  • Where are my gifts ? Gifts are seen under each venues or events profile

  • Upload your photo

  • Create your profile

  • Show your Happ pass to receive perks at venues

  • Refer a friend to redeem more points, the more you use your pass the more points you get.

  • Basic: Perks , gifts
  • Rockstar: Free instant give aways, special events invite, more perks 
  • Insider:  Special events created just for insiders, VIP access, free prises, way more gifts and perks, invite a friend for free as your insider guest.
  • There are different levels to your Happ Pass the more you use the higher you get,

How to I submit a Happening?
  • Click on the add a Happ button
  • Create your Happ, make sure all the information is correct to be accepted.
  • Wait for approval, the earlier you submit a Happ the better, we need at least 48 hours notice.
  • Not all Happs are accepted, we will accept at our discretion and space availability
Share your event
  • Find something you love, tell your friends just click the icon below the heart

  • See some cool event you want to add to your FB feed , just click the FB link on the venues profile in the bottom right corner.

Venue FAQ

Pick a plan
  • You can upgrade your plan at anytime or add from our al a carte menu
Tell me about adding my features ?
  • You can list up to 5 features a week
  • Submit a feature as early as possible to be accepted and to fix any insufficient information.
Al a carte
  • You can buy any service for a one time use or keep adding on as you see fit
  • Pay for each service as you go
Why give a perk?
  • You can give as little or as many gifts as you want , 10 to 500
  • Gifts drive traffic to your venue and they end up spending more and usually bring a friends
  • You can set a expiration date on your gifts
Schedule an event
  • Give us at least 2 weeks notice to create a event for you the earlier the notice the more time to prepare and drive traffic.
  • Do I have to know what the event is ? No thats why we are here to collaborate with you and create something that matches your brand.

We are so excited to launch HappNow Beta-test!

Join our waiting list and you will be the first to get your hands on the HappNow App for free. All you have to do is provide some feedback so we can make the HappNow App better!

Great! We will let you know if you make it for the beta testing round.

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