La Brisa

It’s hard to find a venue that embodies the soul of Bali more than the infamous La Brisa. The moment you step in, you’ve entered a seaside Wonderland. Every corner is a feast for the eyes. Every breath of ocean breeze feeds my soul. This wins the award for the best presentation of a cappuccino, delivered on a platter with a chocolate chip cookie. We love when you get a little treat with your coffee, sometimes we ordered it for the sweet treat itself. Make sure you come on a Sunday when they host the most incredible Sunday Market on the island. See you here.

WA +628113946666
Instagram: @La Brisa
Location: Google Maps


Laura Abeyta
Laura Abeyta

A serial entrepreneur. A stylist. A documentary filmmaker. Meet our HappNow Co-Founder, Laura, the ultimate, all rounded connoisseur of life. From yoga, to culture, to fashion, throw in some fine dining and of course always ready for party, it is no surprise, she is the woman in the KNOW.

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