Soham Wellness Center

Soham Wellness Center

Soham Wellness Centre

Most definitely Seminyak’s best place for a gym workout session. Soham is not your usual gym, it’s a day club on different floors and with different options. It has everything you need to keep your body, mind and soul in perfect balance. If you are not one to lift the weights and be your own motivation, then don’t worry, they have a full list of classes available from yoga to trx and more.

Their Olympic size pool is lap-worthy and make sure you take the time to chill by the pool and nourish yourself after a workout with their nutritious menu from their open air cafe. The coffee smoothie is one of our all time favorites, healthy and delicious, they made it into a smoothie bowl for us once. Healthy and delicious, just the way we like it. Impossible to resist.

On the last floor overlooking the gym and Seminayk, you’ll find their amazing spa with various beauty and body treatments. Their full body massage was to die for, we almost stayed the night, it was that relaxing. By becoming a member, they will compliment you with a 30min free foot reflexology session plus a free juice. I mean seriously, what are you waiting for. Ready. Set. Goooo 🏃‍♀️

Not to mention an added bonus access to Maca, the hotel pool and restaurant across the road. See you there before our night out 🏋🏽

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