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Whats the Happ?!

Everything your inner Happster needs to be happy. 

Let me explain –

1. Discover

WHAT is HAPPening around you right now?!

Discover new events, explore new venues, near you.

2. Experience

Spend less time searching and more time enjoying!

We connect you with experiences that matter to you.

3.  Get Free Perks!

Discounts, Gifts and exclusive deals. 

Who doesnt like free stuff? 

Happ Pass – Zero FOMO

Skip the line

VIP access, exclusive deals and discounts, free gifts and more.

All part of being in the ‘happ

Never miss a Happ

Know when an event is Happening Now.

First to know, and zero FOMO !

The power is in your hands

You are just a touch away from a new experience at any moment!

Share with your friends, and let’s get happ’nin!

Get the Happ!

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We are so excited to launch HappNow Beta-test!

Join our waiting list and you will be the first to get your hands on the HappNow App for free. All you have to do is provide some feedback so we can make the HappNow App better!

Great! We will let you know if you make it for the beta testing round.

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